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TARGETED Advertising

Getting your business optimized for local online search is the easiest and cheapest way to get a massive amount of online advertising for your business. It's one investment that every business can afford to make, and one that every business needs to utilize.

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Far Greater Reach

Being optimized can expand your business' local reach to up to a 50 mile radius, sometimes even further, such as an entire state. If you're not currently optimized, you're missing out on a large range of potential new customers you could be getting daily.

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Phone Book is Dead

Welcome to 2014. If you're still part of the 10% of the general public using the phonebook to find local businesses, great. However the other 90% is now using the internet to find businesses. We help small businesses get in front of the 90% as cheaply as possible.

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Our Services

To Help You Rank Better

More than 85% of consumers find local businesses online, don’t let your competitors get all that business! SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to bring visitors to your website compared to newspaper, radio, and other traditional methods of promotion.

To start ranking up for keywords. Please try to have your phone number and address on targeted page of your site, and keywords (terms that your customers are most likely to search for in Google) that you’d like to rank for (we will assist you in picking out keywords that get most searches if you don’t have them already).

We will be building high PR links as well as creating citations to the address of your choosing within a city. For example, for a home inspector client in Sacramento, we can be targeting related keywords such as “Sacramento Home Inspector”, or “Sacramento Home Inspection”. And if you happen to run an italian restaurant in Anaheim, California, we can target keywords like “Anaheim Italian restaurant” or “Anaheim restaurants”.

Our clients can see visibile improvement in rankings normally within the first month, and pending on how competitve keywords are it usually takes about 3 months at most to to hit first page for keywords. With highly targeted content we can achieve results a lot faster and my team will work closely with you on this to make sure you see results on month to month basis.

Our SEO Method

We believe in creating long term relationship with our clients by delivering results without getting their sites penalized. Our goal is to get you to profitability with your campaign as soon as possible, which means, not always targeting the toughest keywords, but easily attainable but yet have decent search volume keywords. There is no point of bragging about first page rankings when there are no searches for a term, that would be just wasting your time and money. We need clients to be making money so we can make money. Our biggest client went from almost no business in 2009 to over 10 million dollars last year, and he started with a budget of about $300 with us, and now spends between $3k to $10k monthly with us (his business is highly seasonal). We have small clients who have done well with much smaller budget as well.

We experiment constantly with various link building methods, and we have been active buyers for SEO services for our own sites to experiment with various methods of ranking. If a method works well, we scale it up across more sites and see for couple months that there are no negative effects 95% of what people are selling here either have very limited effect on semi-competitive keywords, or even negative effects when applied on large scale across sites.

What we found from experimenting with sites:

1. Need good on page match matching of keywords to title, meta description (just higher CTR), and content on primary keywords.

2. Avoid too many links from the same site. Blogrolls, sitewides still works, but if too large % of your links are of the same anchor from the same site, very high chance of penalty.

3. Good amount of anchor diversity, I’d recommend at least 5+ keywords target per url, and add more later on. Synergistical effect when you target longtails with your primary keywords within it. Avoid too much of the same anchors.

4. Domain diversity. Article submissions, for example, works well for maybe couple months, and you start seeing diminishing returns. Even negative effects once you start getting hundreds of articles into the same directory those links becomes poison for you. We try to get different domains for links on monthly build orders.

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  • After his work I am now #6 on the 1st page of Google For a very competitive. Now, that might not seem like a lot to some of you, but to me it is great. I could have worked on it for the rest of my life and not got those results.


  • I tried Alex's Service about two weeks ago for one of my niche blogs. This blog was dancing around in google and I talked to Alex about ways to stabilize its position.

    Michael R.

  • We have been using Alex for about 3 months now and what a fantastic result. We are now on page one for a number of our keywords in the accounting industry which is highly competitive.

    Tariq Ghazi

  • My main keyword went from position 12 to 6 with Alex's service in a short time. Then I used a few other aggressive link building campaigns and reached #1. This keyword has 13.6 million competitors.


  • I have been working with Jihoy for two month now and wanted to provide a positive feedback about his services. We are seeing good progress on our keyword rankings. He is easy to work with and is excellent in communicating. I would highly recommend giving him a try to see for yourself.


  • I bought this service about a week ago and I have nothing but praise! I needed the links very soon, and they got on to it so quickly! I was hopeful it could increase my rankings quick, but never expected the results to come this fast! My rankings are really surging on Google already.


  • WOW - OK let me start off with a proper review: I ordered this service about two weeks ago after talking with Alex via Skype for a week before that. Alex is very responsive and took me by the hand to make a couple adjustments to my client's site to help his service be more effective.


  • I have been working with Alex since September. With his help I am number 1 for a bunch of keywords in my niche. Let me explain. I could itemize 2 or 3 keywords but its more like 20 keywords because the SEO link juice bumps my whole site up I monitor my site super closely and spent some money on software to help me track may progress. Now when I sell something I am immediately on the top 1-20 SERPS for the product also I can see natural back link profile growing as my products impress my customers I can see them posting about me in forums. (I provide quality product and excellent after sale customer service)


Our Clients

  • Nicrol Media Inc.